Basic Camp (which is not the same as Basic Training!) is an option for students who wish to join the ROTC program after their first-year, who have not taken ROTC classes previously. Students must have two years remaining of undergraduate or graduate classes. This option allows students to cover the first and second year course materials in a condensed time frame and begin taking ROTC courses in their junior year. Students would attend Basic Camp in the summer before their junior year.

More information can be found by contacting the Recruiting Operations Officer. A general overview is available at

“Basic Camp is a 30-day training event designed to introduce Cadets to the Army. The objective is to develop Cadet leadership skills and train them on individual and junior leader tasks to develop and reinforce Warrior Ethos and our Army Values. Basic Camp provides the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in ROTC, and, ultimately, the Army. Basic Camp Cadets graduate the course prepared to lead at the team (3-4 Cadets) and squad (9-13 Cadets) level.”