67-10-1 Cadet Officer Evaluation Report

67-10-1A Cadet Officer Evaluation Report Support Form

131-R Cadet Action Request

132-R Statement of Understanding – Dependency

136-R Briefing on Government-Sponsored Benefits for ROTC Cadets

137-R Authorization for Access to Student Records

139-R Cadet Application and Enrollment Card

145-1-4 Specialty Scholarship Counseling Form

145-1-7 Study Abroad Request Form

145-4-1 Consent & Release

145-5-1 Officer Appointment Checklist

159-R ROTC Scholarship Interview Sheet

167-R Scholarship Accept/Decline Statement

218-R Assignment Preference Sheet

DA 3425 Medical Fitness Statement

DD 93 Record of Emergency Data

DD 2058 State of Legal Residence Certificate

Form W4 (2018)

SGLI Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate

Standard Form 1199A